Welcome to Greenshoot

The founders of Greenshoot all come from the film and commercials industry.

So we understand that productions arenít anti-green.

Itís simply that no-one has the time - and no-one is given the job Ė of sorting out the sustainability issues.

Putting ethical supplies in place. Finding savings in carbon emissions and money. Redistributing unwanted props & costumes to charities. Recycling waste & food.

Greenshoot implement a sustainability management system bespoke for each production, whether itís a 6 month feature film or a 1 day commercial.

We use the BS 8909 and the ISO 14001 as benchmarks and carry out a full carbon and sustainability audit that covers the social & economic impact as well as the environmental Ė to reduce emissions and costs.

Welcome to the sustainability department, the first of its kind in the world. Helping productions aim for carbon neutral filming, with part of our profits going to good causes.

Green Wednesday
BAFTA Greening the Screen event 14th January
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12 January 2015
Happy xmas!
Wishing all our supporters and fellow Greenshooters wonderful festive holidays!
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19 December 2014
One night in Bristol
South West Connect brings film people together
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1 November 2014
Speaking under the Northern lights
Advising Filmpool Nord, Sweden on green production
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24 September 2014